“Audrey Henson has the passion, drive, and background needed to take on the next wave of challenges facing Floridians. We must continue to support new leaders from our communities that understand the most pressing issues as we continue to feel the impact of an ever-changing world. Audrey is the right person to amplify the voices of Pinellas County Floridians and I have faith and trust that she will be nothing short of exemplary.”

Speaker-Designate of the Florida State House Paul Renner

“Audrey Henson will bring a uniquely Pinellas perspective to the Florida House of Representatives. One that values hard work, champions common sense, and seeks to find innovative solutions to the challenges we face as a state. I fully support Audrey in her mission to bring conservative, forward-thinking leadership to Tallahassee.” 

Speaker of the Florida State House Chris Sprowls

“Audrey Henson has my unwavering support in her race for State House. She has proven herself as a local business owner and leader in our community. We need more representatives like her that are from the area they seek to represent and who have the understanding and know how to get the job done.” 

 Senator Jeff Brandes

“I am thrilled to see a young, local leader who is passionate about business and conserving the natural beauty of St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas step up to take this challenge. The people in this district need to have a strong leader that will lead us to a brighter future. I can confirm, when elected, Henson will amplify their voice and make their issues heard.” 

Ed Montanari, St. Petersburg Council Member 

“Florida continues to be an economic beacon of success for the nation, largely due to the perseverance and growth of its real estate industry. This success has been driven by sound economic policy from our state leaders who understand the important link between Florida’s economy and its real estate industry. (Audrey Henson) being endorsed has demonstrated that she understands this connection and will work tirelessly to enact laws and policies that promote homeownership and protect the rights of homeowners throughout the state.”

 Danny Nix, chair of Florida Realtors PAC Trustees

“Audrey Henson is the clear pro housing candidate who can make housing more affordable based on her experience and understanding of our issues. We are proud to send her to Tallahassee to fight for fair, safe and affordable homes for the people in our community” 

 Jennifer Motsinger, Executive Vice President

“Florida continues its growth at a rapid pace – with nearly 1,000 net new residents relocating to Florida every single day. While Florida continues its growth, we need strong leadership with bold and fresh ideas to continue championing economic freedom and a vibrant quality of life.” 

Mark Wilson, Florida Chamber President and CEO